How Faraday helps InHome train the best HVAC pros in MA

Kate Webb

November 30, 2021

An organization is only as good as its people, whether it’s your in-house team or your partners. This is why we help our installation partners source top journeymen, technicians, and HVAC professionals. When our partners can increase their capacity and grow their business, we all succeed.

Recruiting, hiring, and training new techs is difficult and expensive - especially for smaller businesses. Faraday makes it easy for HVAC companies  to launch world-class apprenticeship programs. Faraday saves businesses time  and money by bringing pre-vetted talent right to them, providing each new  hire with high-quality training programs, and making it easy for managers to  track skill development and issue new training. Here’s how we’re working  together:

How Faraday helps HVAC companies find great apprentices    

Faraday sources high-potential candidates with relevant  experience and prepares them for entry-level careers in HVAC. Through their  free, five week pre-apprentice program candidates learn HVAC basics, basic  electrical, maintenance and install procedures, soft skills, and earn their EPA 608  Certification. They then match graduates from their program with  local contractors where they get paid, on-the-job training and continue to  learn online with Faraday.

Faraday HVAC training platform    

Faraday has built an  online HVAC training platform designed with apprentices and business owners  in mind. Faraday’s video-based training is broken into small, digestible  chunks which improves knowledge retention and allows for flexible learning  experiences. Apprentices can also access the training platform in the field  to review a specific repair procedure or diagnostic process. In addition to  technical training, the platform also includes customer service and sales training.

 The Faraday training  platform reduces the amount of time business owners and managers spend  recruiting, training, and managing new techs. Faraday’s just-in-time training also reduces the amount of time owners and managers spend on the phone troubleshooting  with technicians.


Support from industry experts

To support their online platform, Faraday students get access to one-on-one time with industry experts. These mentors help tutor students, offer real-life experience and advice, and give students a personal connection that will serve them throughout their careers. We can be confident that Faraday graduates have learned from the best.


Managed industry certifications

In addition to  managing recruiting and training, Faraday also manages all industry  certifications for businesses. Faraday helps apprentices understand, prepare,  and earn any required or optional industry certifications. Through their  training program, apprentices earn their EPA 608 Certification and can gain  additional certifications, like NATE or HVAC Excellence, at any time.  


How InHome is modernizing the HVAC industry

InHome is making it faster, easier and cheaper to buy and install home services, like HVAC. Not only are we 20% more affordable, we eliminate unnecessary steps and delays for property owners, and tackle time-consuming admin work for ur installation partners. Our simple online platform and end-to-end service makes it less painful to manage your home or business.


How InHome helps our installation partners

We support our network of installation partners with start up services like tools, trucks and training. We also help our partners by sourcing licensed journeymen, technicians and installers so they can fill vacancies or add to their team. We love seeing our partners expand their offerings and grow their businesses. Faraday      is a reliable partner when it comes to training top talent by ensuring apprentices are well trained, vetted, and licensed.

Recruiting top talent
Most recently, InHome helped an installation partner in Cape Cod recruit a licensed journeyman. This family-owned business had 4 employees and was ready to expand, but couldn’t add another truck to their company without a new journeyman. They were having difficulty recruiting a qualified pro on their own so we found one for them. We look forward to sending more jobs their way and continuing our partnership for many years.

If you’re looking to hire pre-vetted candidates and get them field-ready faster, contact Faraday today. Are you a contractor looking for top HVAC talent? InHome can help. Contact us about business support, like recruiting, today.